Joshua Singler


Generating More Proposition Sketches.

This week was a bit of a comeback week for me. Mentally I was on a better page and I felt the need to jump back on the horse and put my name forward for a peer review. Talking in front of the class just a week later after embarrassing myself was nerve-wracking but I knew I was surrounded by friends and I winged it. I turned on my favourite playlist to unwind, I scattered out some of my work on the floor in the centre of the circle and I passed around my action four. A series of chipboard collage responses to the breakdown/mess of the last week. It was a powerful reflection moment and allowed me to pose a couple questions to my classmates.

We covered a lot during my peer review, but perhaps the most helpful were the conversations revolving around prompts for public engagement in design. At this point, I was hoping to have had some participation in my public gallery but nobody had touched it. I realized through talking to my peers that my prompt ‘OCCUPY THIS GALLERY’ no matter if it was small on the back of the white frame or plastered all over that gallery wall still wasn’t enough for them to want to participate or mark the gallery. The scattered tools/writing utensils also was not enough. I noticed quickly, post review, that this open forum discussion was just the thing I needed to encourage participation. I’ve been snapping pictures everytime I enter the studio as things populate the gallery wall and change, I love seeing the new surprises and participation on the wall. 

Going forward for the next action I want to explore this concept of prompts, explicit invitation, direct/indirect, how much? how little? As Laura asked me “What grows through those cracks in the cement?”

Joshua Singler