Joshua Singler


Workshopping Ideas.

I held a short workshop with my Directed Studies group where I gave them a group of cards with different things written on them like “A fire hydrant, A strangers sneeze on the bus, Freshly fallen snow, Recycling Boxes, Traffic Lights” and I asked them to use a sheet of stickers to define which cards they thought were a pattern, a rhythm or a layer. Initially what I realized from this workshop was that trying to ask a group to define three words is a difficult task. I should be purposing an activity that is more open-ended and allows for more freedom to express their opinions on the three areas. 

Another interesting discovery of this workshop that I didn’t intend to notice was the way the group interacted with the responsibility/task of labeling/identifying these words. It was interesting to note that the way stickers were placed on each of the cards was very reactionary. One person would put a certain colour sticker on a card and it would prompt someone else to look at that specific card, contemplate, then identify. It fascinated me to watch the way the dots accumulated on the cards, often following a certain pattern. If the first sticker was placed horizontally, the group seemed to follow that direction with the subsequent sticker dots. So all in all it wasn’t a total failure. I’m in the works of preparing a new workshop concept but after a discussion with Louise, I’m not entirely sold on a workshop being a successful way of interrogating my research.

Joshua Singler