Joshua Singler


Deteriorate the Decorative.

I recently came across a lecture by Ben Highmore, author and Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Sussex while he was visiting ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in the Netherlands. In this 27-minute video he dissects some very interesting concepts on habits and gives a couple examples of artists that have dedicated their practice to exploring habitual pattern making.

As I listened to the following lecture I engaged in a live transcription of the information. During this engagement with the information I pushed myself to use graphic design principles to evoke meaning and emotion in the words that I was hearing. If you have the time I invite you to listen to the lecture while scrolling through my visual response below and I would love to hear what you have to think about daily habits.

I’ve got a couple questions floating around my head that are going to direct my next steps in my research and if anyone reading is interested I’d love to hear your feedback or thoughts on the points raised in the lecture, or my visual.

  • Do our habits hold meaning? Is there meaning in the drab/mundane aspects of everyday life?

  • Other than just merely ornamentation what information/inspiration can habitual patterns offer to designers, artists, the average individual?

Here are two small galleries of two people Highmore mentions in his lecture. The first gallery being artist Carl Andre and the second being the photographer Nigel Henderson.


Joshua Singler