Lucky's Doughnuts
Design Management, Art Direction + Styling
My objective while working with the Lucky's Doughnuts team was to work on emphasizing the experience of eating one of these doughnuts just as much as the recipes themselves. The doughnuts feature a lot of sophisticated and indulgent flavours that I wanted to make sure was highlighted in the photography and complimentary design assets.
Photography: Devin Gallagher
Art Direction, Styling + Design: Josh Singler
Junior Designer: Nick Creamore

Ecommerce: Reid Adrian, Yesul Yung
Executive Chef: Karly Pomes
Assistant Executive Chef: Sonia Shah
When crafting a colour palette for Lucky's Doughnuts, I understood the importance of versatility to accommodate seasonal menu launch and the importance that this colour palette had to harmonize with the signature Lucky's orange. Each season called for a trio of colors and were used as a tool in developing aspects such as photography props, backdrops, models' attire, and design elements.
Seasonal Menu Launches
Each season at Lucky's brings a fresh menu featuring both new and returning favourites. Before the start of each season, I would convene with the executive baking team to delve into the flavour themes and how they could influence the visual aesthetics of our photoshoots and design for that particular season. My commitment was to ensure that this creative process aligned seamlessly to engage a sense of excitement around the seasonal menu launches. As a result, we witnessed a significant and authentic boost in social media engagement, which correlated with an uptick in foot traffic at our cafés compared to previous years. 

BTS of the Spring/Summer '23 Shoot