OUTtv Network
Design + Marketing Coordination
As the graphic designer and marketing coordinator at OUTtv Network, I created digital assets for TV and film titles, including Rupaul’s Drag Race, Shine True, Call Me Mother, among many others. Working in conjunction with the marketing team, we joined forces to initiate and promote our newly acquired titles. My specific responsibilities included designing PR packages, social media assets, blog posts, podcast artwork, advertisements, and various other promotional materials. Additionally, I created assets tailored for TVOD (Transactional Video-On-Demand) and SVOD (Subscription Video-On-Demand) platforms such as Apple TV, iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Roku, Comcast, Discovery+, Rogers, Shaw, and Telus.
Creative Director: Evan Eye
Marketing Manager: Bianca Sutton
Design + Marketing Coordination: Josh Singler
AppleTV, Prime Video Wireframing + Content Artwork
My role involved creating visuals for the channel front pages across platforms such as Apple TV and Amazon Prime. It was essential to showcase our top titles while providing a new take on existing visual content.

During the thumbnail design process, I conducted experiments by applying different fundamental design principles to assess and analyze which combinations of elements generated the highest engagement. Subsequently, I used these insights to enhance other thumbnails and artwork accordingly.
OUTtv 20 Year Anniversary Branding
For this project, my assignment was to design a visual identity to celebrate the company's 20th anniversary. This identity would then be applied across broadcasting channels, marketing materials, and social media. The result was a visual framework that utilized the '0' in '20' as a mask that allowed popular and recognizable talent from our titles to visually emerge from it. Additionally, I coined the phrase "20 years out + proud" to emphasize the network's name and the milestone.
Call Me Mother (Season 1)
My role in Call Me Mother (Season 1) involved crafting cohesive visual content for both print and digital platforms. I collaborated closely with the Marketing Manager to produce visuals for a PR package distributed to content creators. This package featured custom-designed enamel pins, postcards, and other materials aimed at promoting the launch of the new show. Additionally, I was responsible for designing a press kit that was circulated to promote the show and its first-season cast.
Dragula (Season 3)
My role in Dragula (Season 3) was similar to Call Me Mother (Season 1) as it involved designing a cohesive rollout of visual content for both print and digital platforms. Collaborating closely with both the Creative Director and Marketing Manager to produce visuals for social media and for a press kit that was circulated promoting the new season of a popular title and the new cast that accompanied it.